International Business School Suzhou

International Business School Suzhou’s vision is to be a leading international business school and high-quality international research output is crucial in achieving this. Because of its international orientation and location within the economic centre of China, IBSS focusses on high-quality multidisciplinary research projects at local, provincial, national, and international level.

IBSS has identified the following key research directions based on the strength of our academic team and the strategic direction of XJTLU:

Accounting and Finance:

  • Market liquidity
  • Margin-trading and short-selling reform
  • Venture Capital Syndication
  • Tax competitiveness and cost stickiness
  • Inside trading
  • Corporate tax avoidance
  • Internet lending
  • Government subsidies
  • Stock price limit


  • High-speed rail and the new economic geography
  • Sustainable Tourism in China
  • Efficiency of Chinese urban rail traffic system
  • Economic, product complexity and exports


  • Corporate philanthropy and financial performance
  • Innovations in Chinese e-commerce
  • Dynamic diffusion of low-Carbon innovations
  • Entrepreneurial orientation
  • corporate environmental strategy and sustainability performance
  • Technologies in Chinese supply chains
  • Chinese family firms
  • Big data technology on supply chain resilience
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Big data for financial analysis
  • Psychological well-being of Chinese professional women

Much of IBSS' research is applied and the results may be used in practice to benefit organisations. This fulfils one of our founding principles: to have impact on the economy and society. To realise our fast-expanding research goals we have a range of laboratories and hubs that facilitate research and foster business-academic collaboration, and focus on a number of research-related activities such as:

PhD programme

Research students are an important part of our research community and our PhD programme meets the requirements of highly qualified applicants with a strict system to ensure that only the highest quality applications are accepted.

The School also has a number of Masters of Research (MRes) programmes available. See our postgraduate programmes for more information.

Research and publications

IBSS targets publications in top internationally recognised and indexed journals. To support this endeavour academic staff members are encouraged to attend research conferences and share their on-going research with the School academic community in the form of seminar presentations and publication in the Working Papers series. Staff are also given support in developing proposals to secure external grants.


Regular research seminars are conducted within the School with a balance between internal speakers and external guests. View the latest seminars on our events pages.

Knowledge exchange

Members of staff are encouraged to through their research and expertise. They are also encouraged to use their research to support local business as well inform their classroom practice.