IBSS Working Papers

International Business School Suzhou

The IBSS Working Papers was the School’s outlet for emerging publication and accepted papers from both internal members of IBSS academic staff and external submissions.

The series published quality research in progress as well as critical literature reviews and field notes. An editorial board similar to standard academic journals ensured the quality of published articles and comprised reviewers from a number of subject groups within IBSS but also from other departments at the University.

Archive of editions:

IBSS Working Papers Issue 7 April 2015

Featured research articles:

  • Anticipatory and Responsive Tactics for Corporate Takeover Defences: General Practice in China and Malaysia, Kai Liu
  • The Smart Balances Approach toward Strategic Sustainability, Warren Wu
  • A Generalised VARMA-DCC/ADCC Framework and its Application in the Black-Litterman Model - illustrated with a China Portfolio, Qi Deng

IBSS Working Papers Issue 6 January 2015

Featured research articles:

  • Role of human capital on regional distribution of FDI in China: New evidence, Nimesh Salike
  • The Chinese Version of Take Me Out TV Show and Buzz Marketing: A Business Anthropological Case Analysis, Guang Tian, Xiaoguang Qi and Kathy Tian

IBSS Working Papers Issue 5 August 2014

Featured research articles:

  • Modelling Consumer Disaffection with Local Pricing, Simon Rudkin
  • Pareto-Undominated and Socially-Maximal Equilibria in Non-Atomic Games, Haifeng Fu and Haomiao Yu

IBSS Working Papers Issue 4 May 2014

Featured research articles:

  • IFRS impact on Accounting Quality in Telecommunications Industry, Yusuf Mohammed Nulla
  • How Do Risk Attitudes of Clearing Firms Matter for Managing Default Exposure in Futures Markets? Jie Cheng, Yi Hong and Juan Tao

IBSS Working Papers Issue 3 February 2014

Featured research articles:

  • The Effect of Enterprises' Growth Orientation and Access to Finance on Small Firm Performance: UK Evidence in an Economic Recession, Weixi Liu, Marc Cowling, Ning Zhang
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: A Discussion with Examples from the Pulp and Paper Industry, Haiyan Qiu, Dieu Hack-Polay

IBSS Working Papers Issue 2 November 2013

Featured research articles:

  • Pure-strategy Nash equilibria in large games: Characterisation and Existence, H. Fu, Y. Xu, and L. Zhang
  • Arbitrage bounds on currency basket options, Y. Hong

IBSS Working Papers Issue 1 September 2013

Featured research articles:

  • Changing HRM systems in two Russian oil companies: Western hegemony or Russian spetsifika? S. Dixon, C. Brewster and M. Day
  • Supermarkets, local shopping and food deserts, S. Rudkin
  • In search for failed enterprise – business failure and recovery among self-employed African migrants, D. Hack-Polay