Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of International Relations

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Dr. Debora Malito – The intervention-sovereignty dilemma in Libya.
  2. Dr. Alessandra Cappelletti – Chinese Investment in Uzbekistan and Pakistan; identity discourses and narratives in the Shilu, Suzhou.
  3. Dr. Steve Long - A Rich Harvest of Bitter Fruit: CIA-MI6 Covert Action in Communist Albania.
  4. Dr. Michael Connors – Translating Thai Politics/Political Ideologies in Southeast Asia.
  5. Professor Adam Cross - Comparative analyses of start-up and innovation ecosystems, and the role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the development of China, especially in relation to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  6. Dr. Robert Pauls – China’s financial and banking systems in comparative perspective.
  7. Dr. Evans Fanoulis – EU-China strategic partnership; the association of populism and Euroscepticism.
  8. Dr. Nicole Talmacs – Winning over the world: China’s International Relations at the Box Office.

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