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Debora V. Malito is a Lecturer in International Relations at XJTLU. She received her PhD from the University of Milan (2013) and held research positions at the European University Institute (2013-2016) and University of Cape Town (2015-16).

Her research interests intersect critical theory in IR, dialectical and historical method, peace and state formation, African security governance, humanitarianism and state-building. She has developed multi-disciplinary research experience in the area of peace and conflict studies, governance, development, and globalisation studies.

For the last ten years, her research interests have focused on the implications and legitimacy crisis of international interventions. She has also approached the study of knowledge production and new technologies of governance, with particular attention to the measuring of political orders. She is interested in critical scholarship interrogating orthodox IR and Eurocentric conceptions of World Politics.

Current research concerns the hybridity of contemporary interventions in North Africa, authority- and legitimacy-building processes, as well the militarisation of peace processes through counter-terrorism.

Over the last four years she has published articles in journals such as International Peacekeeping, Peace Review, Third World Quarterly. She has recently co-edited the Palgrave Handbook of Indicators in Global Governance with G. Umbach and N. Bhuta.
Debora Malito
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