Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Year awardedProject namePrincipal investigatorFunding body
2015Structure of Pieri Algebras for Symplectic Groups and Orthogonal GroupsYi WangNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015An Emergent Topological Model of Particle Physics and its Implications to Non-Commutativity in Quantum SpacetimeNiels GresnigtNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Cohomological dimension and Quillen's plus constructionShengkui YeNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Investigation of polariton behavior and exciton-phonon interaction in zinc oxide under two-photon excitationChangcheng ZhengNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2015Optical properties of InPBi alloys under hydrostatic pressureChangcheng ZhengState Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
2015Regularization method for iniage restorationHaixia LiangJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015Change analysis in temporal mammograms for automatic breast cancer detectionFei MaRDF 2015 Round 1
2014Geometry of Submanifolds in Complex Grassmann ManifoldsJie FeiNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2014Robust Imbalanced Learning Based on Min-Max Theory and Its ApplicationRui ZhangJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2014Matrix Group actions on manifoldsShengkui YeJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2014Forecast, planning and optimization solution for green railway transportation networksJie ChengRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Structure of Pieri Algebras for Symplectic Groups and Orthogonal GroupsYi WangRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Market Risk ManagementHalis SakRDF 2014 Round 1
2014Statistical modeling of the morphology of neurons and of brain connectionsPascal GrangeRDF 2014 Round 1
2014An Emergent Topological Model of Particle PhysicsNiels GresnigtRDF 2014 Round 3
2014Option Pricing using the Continuous Hidden-Threshold-Skew-Normal DistributionRachid BelhachemiRDF 2014 Round 3
2013Some filtering decomposition type preconditioners for numerical solution of incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsQiang NiuNSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2013Numerical study of micromechanics of the impact attrition of elasto-plastic granular materialsDavid LiuJiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2013Stochastic Modelling of Natural Gas ConsumptionAhmet GoncuJiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2013Geometry of Submanifolds in Complex GrassmanniansJie FeiRDF 2013 Round 1
2013Fundamental Groups of manifolds with given homology groupsShengkui YeRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Solving Minimization Problems in Image Processing and Compressive sensingHaixia LiangRDF 2013 Round 2
2013Bayesian Computation for Electrical Impedance TomographyErfang MaRDF 2013 Round 3
2013Stochastic modeling of natural gas consumptionAhmet GoncuPGRS 2013 Round 2