Our PhD students

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Francesco Flammini Dotti

Francesco obtained his Bachelor Degree in Physics from Universita Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy and his Master Degree in Astronomy from University of Padua in Italy. His current research focuses on the long-time dynamical evolution of planetary system in star clusters, and on how such environments affect the orbital architecture of planetary systems.

Email: Flammini.Francesco@xjtlu.edu.cn

Wenting Shu

Wenting's research focuses on numerical study of micro-mechanics of the impact attrition of elasto-plastic granular materials. She is currently working on her project 'Computational Fluid Dynamics -Discrete Element Method simulations of flow and breakage of agglomerates of particles in a fluidized bed'. In a variety of engineering processes, such as in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, it is critical to break the irregular agglomerates and avoid a detrimental impact in order to improve product performance during the powder processing operations. Her research is able to predict the agglomerate behavior during fluidization and after impact based on in-house made code. She got her MEng and BEng honour degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Limerick in Ireland and University of Huddersfield in the UK, respectively.

Email: Wenting.Shu@xjtlu.edu.cn

Yun Lu

Yun's current PhD project is to study the theory and investigate relevant algorithms in solving variational inequality problems (VIP) with generalized monotone mappings, such as VIP with pseudomonotone, quasimonotone mappings and to study more applied equilibrium problems in finance and engineering.

Email: Yun.Lu@xjtlu.edu.cn

Huafeng Hu

Huafeng received his BS degree in applied mathematics in 2015 from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the M.Sc. degree in statistics in 2016 from University College London. Now, he is pursuing his PhD degree in the Department of Mathematical Science, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. His research interests include hyperspectral image classification and convolutional neural network for image detection, segmentation and classification.

Email: Huafeng.Hu@xjtlu.edu.cn

Peiwan Wang

Peiwan received her MRes degree in Statistics from University of Bristol (England) and her MSc degree in Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University (Scotland). She is reading the PhD programme in the Quantitative Finance subject. Her recent studies focus on exploring approaches to estimate contagion effects across financial markets under crises and develop portfolio selection system with the risk diversification.

Email: peiwan.wang@xjtlu.edu.cn

Juan Du

Juan received her MSc degree in Quantitative Finance from the National University of Singapore. Her recent researches focus on forecasting the price movement and designing trading strategies. She also has research experiences on pricing financial products and derivatives.

Email: Juan.Du@xjtlu.edu.cn

Zhengyong Jiang

Zhengyong’s research concentrates on the application of machine learning methods in portfolio management. It focuses on combining the deep learning method to efficient frontier theory at present. In future research, he will develop a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm for trading assets in real market based on the thought of Kelly criterion.

Email: Zhengyong.Jiang@xjtlu.edu.cn

ZiaZiang Leong

ZiaZiang received his BSc degree in Mathematics with Actuarial Science from the University of Southampton in 2016, and his MSc degree in Statistics from the Imperial College London in 2018. He is currently undertaking his PhD in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) in Suzhou, China. His research interests include extreme events, extreme value theory, copula, insurance and financial risk.

Email: Z.Leong@xjtlu.edu.cn