Examples of ongoing research projects

Department of Urban Planning and Design
Year awarded Project name Principal investigator Funding body
2015 Integrating Spatial Planning and Water Management in Urbanised Deltas. A comparison of Instruments in the Yangtze (CN) and Scheldt-Meuse-Rhine (EU) River Delta regions Christian Nolf NSFC (International Young Scientists Fund)
2015 Exploring the spatial implications of integrated water management in the Suzhou Metropolitan area Christian Nolf Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2015 Planning age-friendly communities: an evaluation framework and case studies of Suzhou, China Yu Liu RDF 2015 Round 1
2015 Urban Regeneration in the Suzhou Industrial Park: The Cases of Xietang Old Street and Xingtang Street Eastern Block Sheng Zhong RDF 2015 Round 1
2015 The impact of inter-city high-speed rail network on spatial-economic development in Yangtze River Delta Area: A case study of Suzhou region Chia-Lin Chen RDF 2015 Round 1
2014 Understanding how Partnership works in Public Private Partnerships Sophie Sturup RDF 2014 Round 3
2013 Research on the New Education Models that aims to improve University students' Overall Competency in the context of Chinese Ecological Civilization Development Bing Chen Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Funding Programme
2013 Reforms on the Property-led Urban Development for Sustainable Urbanisation in China – A Case Study of Suzhou Yunqing Xu RDF 2013 Round 3
2011 The Integrated Design Strategies for Sustainable Evidence-based Healthcare Design Bing Chen RDF 2011 Round 1
PGRS 2012 Round 3