Continuing support

Language Centre

Continuing support offers a wide range of English language assistance such as workshops, one-to-one consultations and the drop-in centre to all students from Year One to postgraduate. Typical continuing support students include those who are worried about starting university, second year students who are not sure about paraphrasing, third or fourth year students preparing for their final year project, final year students getting their CV ready, and postgraduate students preparing their dissertations. Continuing support assists all students in working towards meeting their learning objectives throughout their XJTLU careers.

Year One and Two continuing support

Significant continuing support resources are put into helping EAP students with low English levels and/or study skills issues, such as those students transitioning from high school to university. We offer all Year One and Two students the following:


Each week, continuing support delivers workshops on topics that help students work towards the learning objectives in Years One and Two. These workshops are open to all students and are designed to be interactive, focused on a specific skill, and a little more flexible than classes.

Drop-in centre - room FB344, Foundation Building

A monitored self-study area is available Monday to Thursday from 10am until 6pm, when resources permit, and allows students to come in with study questions and coursework to be looked at by continuing support tutors.

One-to-one consultations

Students may schedule a 30-minute consultation with a continuing support tutor to review EAP material and have questions answered. The goal is to instil autonomy while avoiding becoming an error correction service.

Academic skills and career support

Academic skills and career support is based in the Central Building’s east wing and is available to all students. It is designed to support students as they move through the years towards graduation and further study. Examples of typical workshops and clinics include:

Professional workshops

Personal statements, CVs and interview skills, advice and guidance for further study applications, advice and guidance with preparation for international exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT, guidance on different career path options, practice job interviews.

Academic workshops

Tips and guidance for critical thinking and learning strategies, exam preparation and performance, describing graphs and figures, the different referencing systems used within XJTLU, interpreting results and drawing conclusions, advice on study skills.

Practice clinics

A series of speaking practice clinics designed to give students writing and speaking practice opportunities on topics and appropriate tasks related to their degree programme.

Writing support

The writing support group provides services for Years Three and Four, postgraduate students (who are not enrolled in additional learning activities) and PhD candidates. Writing support offers traditional services based on continuing support, such as a workshop series and one-to-one consultations. Writing support is the hub for academic writing, assisting students with assessments and encouraging writing in a number of forums.

Final year projects

At a time when undergraduates at XJTLU might be in need of extra academic support, continuing support is able to offer workshops on a range of topics directly relevant to the various disciplines found at the University.

Support for masters students

Additional Learning Activity English classes, tutorials and consultations are offered for each department. The aim is to work closely with academic colleagues in order to develop English language ability at an appropriate postgraduate level across a diverse range of academic communication skills. This is based on department genre requirements and with sensitivity to the cultural context, which will enhance student learning throughout their period of postgraduate study.

Support for PhD students

Writing and communication workshops are available each semester (approximately 26 workshops a year), as well as one-on-one training and individual coaching.

Pre-sessional English

Continuing support tutors deliver both a four- and six-week presessional English course to entering postgraduate students in July and August before the start of each Academic Year.