Joint delivery

Language Centre

Joint delivery refers to credit-bearing modules that are delivered collaboratively by the Language Centre together with other academic departments. The broad aim of this type of provision is to promote content and language integrated learning (CLIL). More specifically, joint delivery modules provide embedded language and study skills support for students who are working with authentic academic content, while also encouraging students to make connections between the skills they have covered in EAP modules, and the tasks they need to engage in as part of their studies within their departments.

Over the past few years, the Language Centre has worked to develop a range of joint delivery modules with partner departments. The Centre’s offering in this area has grown from contribution to just one module in the 2013-14 academic year, to planned contributions to 22 modules in 2016-17. These modules now span Year One to Year Four at undergraduate level, and involve collaboration with 11 departments across five of the university’s six clusters.

Feedback on joint delivery modules from both students and partner departments has been positive, and it continues to be an area of expansion for the Language Centre provision within the University.