Bookworm Literary Festival: Qiu Xiaolong


XJTLU is co-sponsoring the Bookworm Literary Festival, one of the most important literary festivals in China. This year marks the 10th Bookworm Literary Festival, which provides a platform for the promotion of great literature and the free and positive exchange of ideas. By the numbers, this year’s BLF is the largest ever, featuring more than 180 writers, thinkers, and performers hailing from over 30 countries. From March 11 to 27, they will converge across three Bookworm cities (Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou) plus Ningbo and Shanghai to participate in 300-some events, including book talks, panel discussions, performances, and workshops.

XJTLU is hosting a number of events on campus, including this conversation event with Qiu Xiaolong.

Qiu Xiaolong’s books have sold over a million copies and have been published in 20 languages. He is the author of the award-winning Inspector Chen series of mystery novels, Death of a Red Heroine (2000), A Loyal Character Dancer (2002), When Red is Black (2004), A Case of Two Cities (2006), Red Mandarin Dress (2007), and The Mao Case (2009). He is also the author of two books of poetry translations, Treasury of Chinese Love Poems (2003) and Evoking T'ang (2007), and his own poetry collection, Lines Around China (2003). BBC4 is currently presenting a radio dramatization of his first three Inspector Chen books. His latest book Shanghai Redemption, which was hailed by Wall Street Journal as one of the best books of 2015, is partly set in Suzhou and refers to the Bookworm Literary Festival. Born in Shanghai, he currently lives in St. Louis with his wife and daughter.