IBSS mentor-mentee kick-off meeting


IBSS Career Services Team (ICST) is offering a tailored mentor programme to IBSS postgraduate Students. The mentor-mentee kick-off meeting will be held on 28th May at XJTLU Campus.

Besides meeting your own mentors, you will also have opportunities to network with other mentors and mentees.

You have the opportunity to experience and learn from mentors’ abundant life and work experience. You may also discover internship opportunities, company projects or even a permanent position from your mentors. Each mentor will guide approximately five student-mentees during your study at XJTLU. Some of the mentors you could expect are from PwC, Siemens, China CITIC Bank and GE.


  • 1:30--2:00pm Mentors &Students sign in
  • 2:00--2:05pm Welcome speech by Professor Adam Cross
  • 2:05--2:20pm Ms Gong Mentor Experience Sharing
  • 2:30--4:00pm Speed Dating and Matching
  • 4:00--4:30pm Certificates Awarding
  • 4:30--5:00pm Further Networking