IBSS Research Seminar 3



Cultural Competence and Rationality in Performance Management Systems


Dr Jean Yves LeCorre, IBSS


Over recent years, several scholars have claimed for a more contextual-based approach to performance management. The objective of this research study is to propose a methodology for cultural competence in the design of performance management systems (PMS). The study uses the instrumental-communicative rationality continuum of conceptual models of PMS in order to establish the link between contextual cultural variables, quantified on a number of cultural dimensions at the individual level, and alternative models of PMS.

This study demonstrates that identifying behavioural preferences of members of a group can serve as an indicator of the degree of appropriateness of alternative PMS models in a given context. It does attempt to focus on cultural factors by isolating from other factors that can influence PMS.

Although it does not aim to propose any integrative conceptual framework, this study will provide practitioners with valuable approaches and tools to design PMS in international contexts.

This paper will introduce current understanding in applied research in intercultural communication which is little known in the field of performance management.