IBSS Executive seminar: Digitalisation and Innovation in China


Digitalisation of the value chain is a trend in most of the business industries and it is becoming an area of interest for researchers and practitioners. Chinese enterprises are innovating a lot trying to adopt the digital technologies and implementing new business models. This new series of seminars aims to analyze how this is happening talking directly with the people who are involved in the process of changing. In any seminar a different case will be presented having the key people of the company explaining to the audience the why and the how of their businesses.

Innovation and Smart Mobility

The first seminar focuses on mobility services analyzing the different solutions available in the market and how Karnet, an innovative Shanghai based company, has designed its revolutionary carpooling service.

The cost of the seminar is 300RMB and it could be paid at the entrance (invoice will be provide upon request).

Please send the confirmation of your attendance directly to [email protected]