Embrace complexity: A talk by Hadas Zucker



Embrace complexity: How radical thinking can shape your future

This lecture is addressed to young designer and architects working and living in China, and will explore transcultural exchange, adaptation and critical thinking as a source of added value for creativity and innovation.


Hadas Zucker is an Israeli-born, Shanghai-based radical thinker, specialising in art, creative direction and storytelling. She often collaborates with Shanghai’s art, music and film communities. Influenced by both pop culture and critical theory, Hadas explores the effect of an increasingly interconnected global marketplace on the fashion industry. Her work translates global trends and social evolution into forward-thinking creative visions. She develops tailor-made concepts mixing art, fashion and branding, to create both on-line and off-line experiences, from product lines to digital campaigns and a variety of creative concepts. She regularly lectures at the Condé Nast Center of Fashion and Design in Shanghai.