PGR (PhD) Development Programme Workshop 6 - Research Methods (qualitative/quantitative/mixed)


This new workshop aims to introduce a collection of research methods in science and social science from both the qualitative and quantitative categories, e.g., t-test, focus groups, content-analysis, survey, etc., in order to help PhD students get an insight in these methods and consider the methods for their own research projects.


Dr Paul Craig (CSSE) – t-test
Dr Christiane Herr (ARC) – Design Research Method
Dr Wing Lau (ID) – A mixed method: content analysis
Dr Henk Huijser (AEC) – Questionnaire (survey)
Dr Jianmei Xie (AEC) – Focus Group Method; & Workshop Introduction/Conclusion

Target audience

(1) all PhD students; (2) research assistants and PhD supervisors are also welcome.


Academic Enhancement Centre (AEC)


[email protected]; Dr. Jiànmèi Xiè (谢建媚), Educational developer (research), Lead of PGR (PhD) Development Programme