Seminar: Shakespeare, Genre and Recognition


Shakespeare uses different genres in his dramatic and non-dramatic poetry --comedy, tragedy and history -- to represent art and life, illusion and truth. The reader and audience are taken through different ways of recognition to try to come to terms with language and the world and this variety shows that literature is part of the world as well as a game or representation from which we learn and gain delight. Scholars and students, then, gain pleasure and consider society, nature and human nature, as well as poetics and theatre, though Shakespeare's work, something surprising, perhaps, since he died 400 years ago.

Speaker Bio:

Jonathan Locke Hart, Chair Professor, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, Theory, and Literature in English; Director, Centre for Creative Writing and Literary Translation and Culture; Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada is a poet, literary scholar and historian who studied at Toronto and Cambridge and has held visiting appointments at Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Toronto, the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) and elsewhere. He is the author of many articles and over twenty books.