Chemistry Department Seminar: Sensors for Personal Health Monitoring



Professor Kim Lau
Chemistry Department, XJTLU


The cost of electronics and computing have become more affordable now than ever, new generation of personal gadgets such as smart mobile phone and tablet computers are small in size but yet very powerful in processing data. These technical advancements have revolutionised point-of-care measurement usually carried out in clinics or hospitals into a new generation of affordable personal home-care devices, e.g. pregnancy test devices and personal glucose measuring devices. As a potential means of cost-reduction and to better looking after patients at risk, much attention has been put on long term personal health monitoring by governments both in the developed world and in the developing world. Home-care devices require the use of simple but reliable sensors. This talk will use the current research as an example, to illustrate the important criteria for sensor development in order to provide valid data to protect the users’ well-being.