Chemistry seminar: PhD students


Study on the conductance of single molecular junctions

Shuhui Tao (PhD Student)


Molecular electronics provides new opportunities for decreasing the size of electronic components. To date, many molecules with wonderful lectronic properties and special functions have been identified in chemistry labs, which may lead to new devices that are not possible using conventional materials. Single molecular junctions are elementary building blocks in novel electronics devices, and therefore, it is essential to understand the charge transport mechanisms at the single-molecular level.

Catalytic upgrading of biomass fast pyrolysis vapours to high quality valuable chemicals and bio-oil

Jyoti Gupta (PhD Student)


The catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass is an important and efficient method for the conversion of biomass feedstock to high quality valuable chemicals and transportable bio-oil. A wide range of inorganic compounds was considered as catalysts in the fast pyrolysis of Beechwood : Red Mud (a multi-elemental by-product of the Bayer process), α-Al2O3, Fe2O3, SiO2, TiO2, CaO, CaCO3, Ca2Fe2O5 and CaCO3-CaO composites. Catalytic activity of materials was evaluated by the application of Py-GC/MS system. CaO was found to be the most effective catalyst for the transformation of acetic acid into acetone through the ketonisation reaction.