ET‐CE: Big Data Analytical Platform of Urban Planning and Policy


Integrating Scenario Planning Model (SPM) and 3D GIS techniques, the award-winning ET‐CE system is a visualized, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive platform aimed at architectural design, urban planning, transportation planning, policy analysis, environmental assessment and various scales of land use planning and development.


Mr Ping Wang

Mr Ping Wang is the GIS/data Manager at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the largest metropolitan planning organisation (MPO) in the United States. Mr Wang has over 23 years of GIS and big data modeling experience on transportation planning, land use
development, policy analysis, and performance monitoring. He is well familiar with big data that are obtained from both government (Federal, State, and Local) and commercial entities. Mr Wang establishes big data depository and develops innovative planning models and tools at SCAG in supports of SCAG key programs and policies that benefit to innovative planning and decision‐making process. Mr Wang utilizes his GIS specialty in spatial planning to develop and execute data development and management policies, and best practices that secure and share big data with SCAG and its local jurisdictions. Ping Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Planning and Policy from University of Southern California.