Department of Architecture lecture series: Sergio Pascolo



Sergio Pascolo
Sergio Pascolo Architects, Venice, Italy


“Total Housing”


Lecture in occasion of the opening of the Exhibition:


Projects in Italy, Germany, China
Exhibition 20th April – 12th May 2017
DB Gallery, Department of Architecture, XJTLU

SERGIO PASCOLO ARCHITECTS is an international design firm founded in 1985 by the architect and urban planner Sergio Pascolo. Over the past 15 years the office, based in Venice, Italy, focused his planning research on housing and consolidated its activities in Germany, where the office designed several buildings and residential quarters for a public housing company.

TOTAL HOUSING is an exhibition that aims to illustrate the project research path on housing in its twofold and always interrelated significance of individual dwelling space and component of civic and social space of the city in an ongoing dialogue between interior and exterior. The exhibition illustrates the research on housing in Italy, Germany and China, with a specific attention for concepts as flexibility, proximity, mixité, compactness, and cost effectiveness. Issues and opportunities are projects of neighborhoods, urban projects, building projects, housing and individual homes.