PGR (PhD) Development Programme Workshop 5: Research Methods (qualitative/quantitative/mixed)


This workshop aims tointroduce some key concepts about research design, and a collection of researchmethods in science and social science from both the qualitative, quantitativeand mixed-method categories, e.g., content analysis and focus groups, includingsome analytical methods (e.g., Maple), in order to help PhD students get aninsight in these methods and consider the methods for their own projects.


  • Dr Jianmei Xie (AEC) – Introduction; Basic Concepts of Research Design
  • Dr Jun Xia (CE) – Analytical Method, Using Maple
  • Dr Christiane Herr (ARC) – Design Research Method
  • Dr Henk Huijser (AEC) – Questionnaire
  • Dr Wing Lau (ID) – A mixed method: content analysis
  • Dr Jianmei Xie (AEC) – Focus Group Method
  • Dr Jianmei Xie (AEC) – Conclusion

Target audience

(1) all PhD students; (2) research assistants and PhD supervisors are also welcome.


Academic Enhancement Centre (AEC)


[email protected];

Dr Jiànmèi Xiè, Educational developer (research), Lead of PGR (PhD) Development Programme