XJTLU Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2017


To create innovative atmosphere, enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship. XJTLU has some extremely talented students with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and innovative flair. We are working with you to give you the great opportunity to show your innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills by giving you the chance to take part in a fantastic business competition. The Business Competitions are important as they give you the chance to:

  • Enhance your Entrepreneurial skills and spirit
  • Field training of managerial expertise
  • Understanding of the entrepreneurship and innovation process
  • One-to-one entrepreneurship guidance

Projects, applicants, requirements and procedures

  • The project applicants: This competition is open to XJTLU students (including UG and PG students) and alumni within 3 years from graduation and applicants may come from individuals or teams.
  • The project requirement: The project should also accord with policies and industrial orientation, with independent intellectual property rights.
    The applicants should follow the rule of XJTLU Student Entrepreneurship Park. Any kind of Plagiarism is forbidden, and will be disqualified the competition, all legal responsibility will be taken by themselves.
  • This competition consists of first-round and second-round.
    The first-round competition (March 28 to April 14, 2017): the evaluation will be based on the project application form and other written materials. A business plan should be clear, organized and accurate.
    The second-round competition (April 22, 2017): based on business plan presentation and interview, the projects entering the final round require a detailed plan and roadshow PPT.
    In the final scene, the competitors will take 5 minutes’ project presentation, and 5 minutes interview. The interview panel will consist of entrepreneurs, academics, industry consultant and professionals from VCs.


  • First Prize: 1 Project
    Award: RMB 5000 & worth of RMB10, 000 of free usage rights of one independent unit for one year in XJTLU Entrepreneurial Park.
  • Second Prize: 2 Projects
    Award: RMB 2500 & worth of RMB10, 000 of free usage rights of one independent unit for one year in XJTLU Entrepreneurial Park.
  • Third Prize: 3 Projects
    Award: Worth of RMB 2,500 of free usage rights of single workstation for one year in XJTLU Entrepreneurial Park.
  • Special Awards for Technology & Innovation: 2 projects
    Award: RMB 2,500
  • Special Awards for Female Entrepreneur, sponsored by SEID: 2 projects
    Award: RMB 2,500

All projects that enter into the second round of the competition will be granted Honorable Mentions Certificate. These projects will be added to XJTLU student enterprise database and will be given priority to apply for government-sponsored projects or other competitions out of campus. And they also can be recommended to incubators, which have cooperation relationships with XJTLU.

The special awards and the XJTLU Innovation prize should not be awarded for both.

Criteria of the Competition

The competition encourages projects from students with innovative spirit (teacher’s guidance is acceptable), including but not limited to Mobile-Internet, International outsourcing service, technology, modern services, social entrepreneurship, and cultural innovations.

The projects should be with:

  • Well-written business plan with logic and feasibility.
  • Innovative, high technology content and market competitive.
  • Feasible market goals and operation plan.
  • Demonstration effects of student’s entrepreneurship of the university (Projects with previous award and investment are preferred).
  • Clear intellectual property rights.

How and when to apply

Please submit “XJTLU Application Form of Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Project” to [email protected] with “XJTLU 9th Round Innovation
& Entrepreneurship Competition” in the subject line.


  • Submission of applications: 14th, April 2017

We will contact you or your team via e-mail or telephone if you enter the final.

The competition supporting lectures

XJTLU Career Development Office will hold the competition related session and workshops, please pay attention to the Career Centre system website and the school e-mail.

  • The 10th entrepreneur workshop: (the Intellectual property protection in Entrepreneur”, “Business plan writing”
  • The entrepreneur salon “Entrepreneur policy interpretation and entrepreneur services introduction”
  • The 11th entrepreneur workshop “Project Roadshow skills and practice”


Please contact with Student Career Development Office (Room 102E, Central Building) if there should be any question.
Tel: 0512-88161911 (Ms Zhang), 0512-88161890 (Ms Fan)
Email: [email protected]


  • XJTLU Career Development Office


  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Entrepreneurial University
  • XJTLU Student Entrepreneur Development Association

Guiding organisation

  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Entrepreneurship Development Centre