2017 Annual Conference on Higher Education Innovation and Wisdom Lake Summit


This event combines the 2017 Annual Conference on Higher Education Innovation and the fourth Wisdom Lake Internationalisation Summit of Higher Education.

Reinventing undergraduate education

The Annual Conference on Higher Education Innovation is a platform to discuss and promote higher education reform and innovation. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for National Education Development, issued by the State Council, highlights the need to deepen the reform of undergraduate education and to implement experiential, cooperative, participatory and seminar-based models of student-centred learning.

Gathering together people interested in the reform and innovation of higher education, and who have ideas and experience they are willing to share, the Annual Conference on Higher Education Innovation aims to build consensus, explore paths for change, give the opportunity to share experiences of change, and achieve cooperation.

During this important historical moment, higher education practitioners will be invited to reflect on the following questions:

  • What kind of talents should be trained in our universities?
  • How can we develop these talents?
  • How can personnel training be reformed from the perspective of educational concepts, teaching content and method, teaching quality evaluation systems etc?
  • How can teachers be encouraged to explore innovation in teaching and how can we improve evaluation systems to develop high level teachers?
  • How we can promote the reform and innovation of undergraduate education in China with the help of high-quality international education ideas and resources?

The organising committee of this second annual conference event invites educators committed to change to attend and jointly reshape undergraduate education in China.



Thursday 18 May 2017

10am – 6pm: Registration/exhibition/campus tour/workshop

  • Exhibition of work from the XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award 2017
  • Sharing space for “Student-Centred Guidelines for the construction of college education system”
  • Experience space for “Student-Centred University education evaluation system”
  • Experience space for “Education Leadership Excellence Programme”
  • Experience space for XJTLU student experience.

2pm – 5pm: Workshop

  • Research-led teaching
  • Teaching management seminar.

2pm – 5pm: On- to-one exchange meeting for Sino foreign cooperation in running schools

6pm – 7.30pm: Welcome dinner for members of Education Innovation Excellence Membership Programme

Friday 19 May 2017

8:30am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 5:30pm: teaching innovation award final/awards ceremony/registration

6pm – 8pm: XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award 2017 award ceremony and welcome dinner

Saturday 20 May AM

9am 12pm: Keynote speech: ‘Developing Innovative Talents, Building First-Class Undergraduate Education’

This speech will focus on:

  • The construction of ‘first class’ undergraduate education
  • Student-centred talent development.
  • Enlightenment for China undergraduate education from Sino foreign cooperative education

2pm – 4pm: Second advisory committee meeting for ‘Education Innovation Leadership’


The following theme forum sessions take place between Saturday 20 May (2pm – 5pm) and Sunday 21 May (9am – 12pm).

Saturday 20 May (2pm - 5pm) Sunday 21 May AM (9am - 12pm)

Theme forum one: WISDOM-LAKE Internationalisation Summit: Promoting the reconstruction of undergraduate education through Sino foreign cooperation in running schools

As a new mode of education, Sino foreign cooperative education projects and institutions are committed to importing high-quality international educational ideas and resources into China. After 10 years of vigorous development, Sino-foreign cooperative education has become an important force in promoting the innovation of higher education reform in China, and it has had a positive impact on the reform and development of China's undergraduate education.


  • Reform and innovation of global undergraduate education
  • Concepts and approaches for undergraduate education in Sino foreign cooperation in running schools
  • The impact of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools on the reform of undergraduate education in China.

Saturday 20 May (2pm - 5pm)

Theme forum two: Reshaping teacher development

In order to deepen comprehensive reform in higher education, institutional obstacles need to be removed in order to promote the development of university teachers and to encourage their enthusiasm. Developing talents is key to building a scientific evaluation and incentive system for professional development, for promoting the reform of teaching methods, and for developing high-quality teachers


  • Professional development for teachers and support system
  • Reform of mechanisms for teacher evaluation: the basic status of teaching in assessment.

Saturday 20 May (2pm - 5pm) Sunday 21 May AM (9am - 12pm)

Theme forum three: Elementary education

It is not possible to reform undergraduate education without the support of elementary education. This forum will provide a platform for elementary education and higher education practitioners to discuss how to improve the quality of elementary education with the goal of talent training and how primary and secondary school principals can strengthen the development of core competencies through school reform.


  • Students’ core literacy at elementary level from the perspective of higher education
  • School reform: Cultivation system - enhancing core literacy

Part of Guest speakers

  • Youmin Xi, Executive President of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University; Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool
  • Yongxin Zhu, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Education Society; Initiator of New Educational Experiment
  • Zhemin Tan, Nanjing University Party committee, vice president, Professor of Yangtze River distinguished professor
  • Huadong Liu, China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong) Party committee, Vice President, Executive Director of the China Institute of Higher Education Management
  • Chunhua Qin, Vice Minister of Education, Peking University; Dean of Research Institute of Peking University
  • Luting Ma, Director of Ministry of Education (National) Education Development Research Center, researcher
  • Professor Sir Drummond Bone, FRSA, FRSE, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, Master of Balliol College
  • Guodong Lu, Executive Vice Dean of UG college of Zhejiang University; National Teaching Expert
  • Haishao Pang, Secretary of Institute of Education Research, Beijing Institute of Technology; Director of the Center for Teaching and Teacher Development
  • Zhijian Wu, Director of Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nevada; Fellow of the American Mathematical Society
  • Jin He, Former Senior Project Officer of Ford Foundation

Fees and registration

Please choose between the two types of fees:

Type one

Includes teaching award competition final and dinner

  • Price: RMB 600
  • Student price: RMB 300.

Type two

Includes keynote speech + final of Teaching award competition final + theme forums + workshops (all)

  • Early bird (before 1 May 2017): RMB 2,000 (member price); RMB 2,200 (non-member price)
  • Standard price (2 May to 15 May 2017): RMB 2,500 (member price); RMB 2,800 (non-member price)
  • Student price: RMB 500.

Type three

Elementary forum

  • Price: RMB 800
  • Student price: RMB 300.


  • Sponsors: Guangming Daily Education Research Centre, Internationalisation Research Centre of Higher Education Internationalisation Pilot District; Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • Special support from: Managing Committee of Dushu Lake Science and Education Reform, SIP, Suzhou; Dushu Lake College Development Union
  • Organiser: Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • International Media Support: China Higher Ed International Education Association