Fun in Class: First XJTLU Student Competition for Research-led Learning


Research-led Learning refers to an active learning process that starts with a specific problem or phenomenon, students take their initiative to search, consolidate and analyse relative knowledge and data information, eventually, to propose the possible explanation or solution to that problem or phenomenon.

How to apply

All XJTLU students are sincerely invited to submit a statement on previous research-led learning experiences in class within 1,000 words together with relevant supporting materials and electronic posters (841mm*1189mm). All documents should be in English or in both English and Chinese and sent to [email protected] by 2:00pm 7 May 2017.

Who Can Apply

XJTLU undergraduate students, and applicants are strongly encouraged to invite his or her teacher to participate in this competition as well.
Award Specification

This competition will recognise students’ research-led learning experience in five categories:

  • First Prize: RMB 6,000 + guest speaker of WISHE (Wisdom-lake Internationalism Summit of Higher Education), one person
  • Second Prize: RMB 3,000, three people
  • Third Prize: RMB 2,000, six people
  • Promising Students Certificate: 10 people
  • Special Awards: Awareness Guru, Critical Thinker, Walking Database, Future CEO, Problem Solver. five people

Note: In order to encourage winners’ research-led learning, all bonus will be supported for winners’ specific learning programs.

Competition Process

  • 21 April - 7 May Statement and Poster Submission
  • 27 April Q&A Meeting (CB123W 18:30-19:00)
  • 8 May - 13 May Panel Evaluation
  • 18 May Final Presentation Competition and Award Ceremony (IAG08 19:00)

Evaluation and Panel

The submitted statement will be evaluated by panel judges from five different dimensions, the value of the module, the degree of applying knowledge in a practical way, research skills and techniques such as data and information consolidation and analysis, teamwork and collaboration, and problem solving skills. Each dimension takes up 19 points and the electronic poster takes up five points out of 100 points in total.


Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD)


Student Career Development Association (SCDA)
Student Development Committee (SDC)