Lecture: A journey to mathematics



Professor Ngo Viet Trung
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

Born in 1953, Ngo Viet Trung of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) is a world renowned mathematician, a fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, who specialized in combinatorial commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. He has published near 100 research papers with a total number citations more than 1100 times. Some of his results are so important that they have been collected into standard textbooks on algebra, like David Eisenbud's "Commutative Algebra with a View toward Algebraic Geometry". Prof N.V.Trung is also well-known for his legendary life of pursuing mathematics, and his continuously effort toward helping the development of mathematics in Vietnam. From the 2007 to 2013, he was the director of the Institute of Mathematics at VAST.


This is the story of a handicapped Vietnamese boy who grew up during the American war and went through special classes for gifted schoolchildren, got prizes at the national mathematical olympiads. By the intervention of a minister for education, he could go abroad for a study in mathematics, started to do research with his bachelor thesis and went on for a PhD degree. Upon returning home, he continued to do mathematics despite the hard conditions in the post war period, witnessing and contributing to the rise of mathematical research in Vietnam.