Seminar: Cognitive Models and Corpus Analysis



Cognitive Models and Corpus Analysis - a contrastive view of cognitive stylistic and corpus stylistic approaches to language study


This talk explores the main distinctions between corpus stylistics and cognitive stylistics with some examples to illustrate them. It also explores how Business English as a variety of English for Professional Purposes and other semiotic resources such as visual images jointly construct meaning in multimodal genres. These genres range from advertisements to home pages of international companies. They vary in subject matters and semiotic features, but all are multimodal and acts of business communication.

Speaker Bio

With a PhD in English from the University of Birmingham, UK, Dr Luo Jian is assistant professor in Literary Linguistics at University of Nottingham Ningbo. His fields of specialisation are corpus/multimodal stylistics, cognitive narratology and business communication. Currently he is writing a contracted book entitled A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Narrative Fiction.

Dr Luo is particularly interested in collaborative research in the following areas:

  1. Corpus stylistic studies of various types of texts
  2. Corpus stylistic study of Business English as a variety of ESP
  3. Computer-mediated communication in TEFL or ELT with a focus on the development of MA students’ research ability