SoFTA Research Talk: Trump’s Social Media



Dr Tabe Bergman
School of Film and TV Arts, XJTLU

Speaker Bio

Tabe Bergman is a Lecturer in the School of Film and TV Arts. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he attained BA degrees in both Journalism and American Studies, and an MA degree in American Studies with distinction from the University of Amsterdam. He worked as a freelance journalist and as a global news editor for the Associated Press and a Dutch news agency.

After realizing that researching journalism holds more interest to him than practising it, he embarked on a PhD degree in Communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He graduated in 2013 and was appointed an Assistant Professor at Renmin University of China. In early 2017 he joined XJTLU. He teaches the modules Global Journalism and Media Theory. Tabe Bergman has published refereed articles on Dutch and American journalism, and the coverage of foreign affairs, in prominent international journals. He has also presented papers at top international conferences. His book, The Dutch Media Monopoly, is recommended by the leading scholars James Curran, Robert W. McChesney and Mark Deuze.