2017 International STEM® Science Festival


STEM®Science Fest is a Carnival oriented to global innovation and creativity education practitioners and social public, and organised by the Organising Committee of STEM®Science Fest and scientific and technological research centre of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

STEM® International Festival aims at domestic universal forward-looking education philosophy, focus innovation products for teaching and research in the field of education, through experiences, the sharing of experiences and insights, promote discipline integration, teaching innovation and updated of future talents evaluation criterion.

The first STEM® Science Fest was held in July, 2016 successfully, attracted 35+ science and technology education brands and research institutions both in China and aboard, including and not limited to: Microsoft, HP, LEGO Education, Apple Education, Oracle, Pearson Education, Texas instruments, PASCO, KIT, Cold Spring Harbor, Monash University, STEM Cloud, and etc, attracted national school principals and teachers, educational institutions, national education administration and social parents and children tens of thousands of people participated in the event.

2017 STEM® Science Fest will be held on July 17-19, 2017at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China.

Focus STEM education curriculum design and integration, teacher training and innovation and technology, attract more international cutting-edge products, projects and institutions interactive exhibits and the sharing of experience, setting more enriched forums, seminars, workshops for teachers, around experience of education, science and technology culture, organise more popular science show of exciting science, STEM challenge and so on.


  • Primary and High school principals and teachers;
  • Educational scientific research workers, University experts, adolescent education, science and technology community;
  • Educational product manufacturers, integrators, distributors and related education service provider;
  • Educational administrative departments at all levels of education, teaching and research departments and educational product purchaser;
  • 5-18 age of children and teenagers;


Time: 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00, 17-19 July, G23W XJTLU Central Building

17th July 9:00-12:00

International STEM® Festival opening and Peak forum


  • Vision and new idea on Education and technology innovation;
  • Essence of Education and Globalized talents cultivation;
  • International STEM development and its comparison with Chinese practice;
  • The integration and connection of Higher Education innovative teaching and its link with K-12 STEM education.
  • STEM education localised investigation and practice.

Plenary speeches and guests:

  • Kaifu Li, founder and CEO of Sinovation ventures and Director of Artificial Intelligence at Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Yinuo Li, founder of Yitu School, Principal representative of Bill Gates Fund association in Beijing
  • Yue Yuan, CEO of Zeropoint research consultation group and Founder of Feima travel company
  • Zhongjian Zhao, principal director the international education centre at Chinese Eastern Normal University and deputy head of the Art and Science School at Shanghai New York University
  • Youqun Ren, Expert and PhD. supervisor of Educational Technology Department in the Educational School at Chinese eastern normal university
  • Shaodong Feng, Deputy director of Jiangsu Science and Technology committee.
  • Bin Ma, Chief of Basic Education department at Jiangsu Educational Bureau
  • Youmin Xi, Executive president of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University
  • Jianfeng Feng, Dean of the research institute of Brain and intelligence science and technology at Fudan University
  • Student Speech and show: Turin Club at Yuanqing Middle School, International Department at Suzhou Foreign Language school.

17th July 13:00-17:00

Principals’ forum: evoke the innovation and creativity of schools


  • Future competitor and talents cultivation: STEM New curriculum reform and Core attainment
  • Development and management of schools based on STEM Education: Brand establishment and characteristic development.
  • STEM implementation and practice:The key issue and channel in different region and different schools.
  • Innovative education leadership of schools under the angel of STEM education
  • STEM Education outreaching: Informal learning and project based learning integration in Schools

Presenter: Huihui Zhang, director of Hangzhou Educational technological centre, Zhejiang provincial level best teacher and original principal of Zhejiang University affiliated school

Speeches and guests:

  • Libin Liu, Deputy secretary of Chaoyang Educational committee in Beijing
  • Zheng Zhu, Vice-principal of Nanjing Foreign Language School
  • Xuesong Fu,Vice-principal of Tinghua University affiliated primary school
  • Yang Hong, Exective head of the life-long learning research centre at Yitu Schoool
  • Li Wang, Vice-principal of Huangzhou Baota experimental school.
  • Xiaohang Luo, principle of Chengdu Yandao street primary school.

18th July

International STEM show (UK, Finland and Australia)

This show includes the experts from Finland, Australia, UK, America and etc to show the advanced practice of STEM Education in different countries. There is also a show of imaginary exhibition.

Learning environment design: learning space innovation and future learning ways


  • STEM Education and Innovative teaching space construction
  • From curricula and innovative teaching approaches to build the future learning environment for innovation education
  • STEM and technology: online learning, training, and virtual learning experiences
  • Student-centered new schools planning and existing campus reconstruction
  • Based on Science and technology education curriculum of classroom facilities renovation and design
  • Integration of Humanity campus and science and technology innovation

Presenter: Xingjiang Shao | Associate Professor of School of Education, Zhejiang University

Speeches and guests:

  • Xingjiang Shao, Associate Professor, School of Education, Zhejiang University
  • Bing Chen, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Xian Jiaotong- Liverpool University
  • Qun Min, President, Xincheng Experimental Primary School of Hangzhou
  • Ye Deng, Senior Architect , Director of the China Architectural Design and Research Institute,
  • Jihua He, Technology teacher, Beijing No.35 High School
  • Zhihe Li, Professor, Deputy Dean of School of Educational Science, Shanxi Normal University
  • Dai Nan | Head of Information Center, Chengdu HuaXi High School

19th July 9:00-12:00

STEM Educational technology and Curriculum design forum


STEM laboratory construction and curriculum third party services
Educational Technology promote STEM Teaching
STEM curriculum development, lesson and evaluation system
STEM study on teacher training and curriculum resources construction model
Maker based on technical equipment and STEM education curriculum undertaken
STEM education practical research represented by the robot education

Presenter: Tao Song, technology department, Educational equipment and Work-study program office of Nanjing

Speeches and Guests:

Su Wang, Director of International comparative education research centre, National Institute of Educational Sciences
Youwei Hou, Expert, Expert Committee of the Ministry education basic education equipment
Yizhong Zhang, Director of Shanghai STEM Cloud
Guogang Yu, Teacher of Hangzhou Victory experimental school
Junyang Li, Ph.D. Industrial automation expert, Southeast University
Ling Jiang, STEM project leader of affiliated primary school of Nanjing Normal University
Wang Wang, Suzhou International Academy, BFSU, bilingual STEM+ course teacher, teacher trainers of Guo Pei plan, East China Normal University

19th July 13:30-17:00

Capital+ Educational technology circular forum

Session I: Keynote Speech

  • Ruixin Wang, Investment Manager of Blue elephant capital: View of the STEM
  • Bowei Tang, Founder of Ewaybot: Consistency of robot education platform within Different age

Session II Circle Forum:

Interpretation of investment wind and business opportunities in education industry of China

Lan Xiangying, J C Group, Far East Horizon, Feimalv
Qiu Yanfeng, Blue elephant capital investment manager
Huang Junya, Blue elephant capital investment manager

Surface noise and the reality of an awkward , where is the road of STEM in conjunction with capital

Tuo Xi, Principal reseracher, STC of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Keqian Xu, Founder of Shadow Play
Bowei Tang, Founder of Ewaybot
Wentao Chu, Founder of Datui Labs
Ruixin Wang, Blue elephant capital investment manager

Session III: Blue Elephant Capital special projects road shows