RIAS Workshop: Future Ageing-friendly Communities, Business, and Technologies



Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Organising institutes

  • Research Institute on Ageing and Society, XJTLU
  • Department of Public Health, XJTLU
  • Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, XJTLU
  • Z-Land Architectural & Landscape Design Inc.

Attendance fee

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Workshop Introduction

China has become an ageing country since 1999 (with 10% of the population above 60s or with 7% of the population above 65s per WHO standards) and now it has the largest number of the elderly worldwide. To accommodate the growing need of the elderly, the provision of the elderly care is moving from a centralized model (i.e. the institutional care model) to a decentralized one (i.e. community/family-based care model). However, previous research indicates that most of the communities have not been designed to support ageing-in-place.

This cross-disciplinary workshop intends to stress the above issue and, by working closely with the industry partners, provide an insight into the future ageing-friendly communities – the design strategies, the business model and the emerging technologies – that can support active ageing from an integrated perspective.

Workshop Themes

  • Ageing and Technology: to identify the key technologies that can be used to support ageing-in-place in the future;
  • Ageing and Community: to develop planning and design proposals that can change/adapt the built environment to house the technologies as required in Theme 1 and other necessary caring facilities in order to meet the needs of the elderly;
  • Ageing and Health/Business: to foster business models that can demonstrate the business case of ageing-in-place with the application of technologies (as required in Theme 1) and of design/retrofit strategies (as required in Theme 2).


  • Session 1:
    15 July (Morning) Welcome and Theme 1 (Ageing and Technology)
  • Session 2:
    15 July (Afternoon) Theme 2 (Ageing and Community)
  • Session 3:
    15 July (Afternoon) Theme 3 (Ageing and Business)
  • Session 4:
    16 July (Morning) Research on ageing-in-place in urban-rural fringe (ageing+farming)
  • Session 5:
    16 July (Afternoon) Mini Guided Tour of Suzhou (Tentative)

Workshop Programme

Campus Map