Seminar: Reinforcement of Timber Structures and Developments in Innovative Structural Timber Systems in Switzerland



Dr Robert Jockwer
Department of Structural Engineering
ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Reinforcement by means of fully threaded screws and threaded rods is particularly suitable to overcome the timber low strength and stiffness properties in direction perpendicular to the grain. In addition reinforcement by means of fully threaded screws and threaded rods allows to prevent brittle failure mechanisms in tension perpendicular to the grain and in shear. Dr. Jockwer will present the results of research in the field of timber connections and reinforcement of timber structures carried out at ETH Zurich. He will explain the benefit of combined reinforcement of notched glulam beams and in different other structural applications.

A pilot building, named ETH House of Natural Resources, has shown that innovative timber products can be combined to a harmonized appearance and functionality within a very short time between product development and application. Dr. Jockwer will explain the technologies implemented in this building, which was awarded with the Schweighofer Prize, the most prestigious European timber award for innovative work in the forestry and timber industry. In addition he will show the route from research to application using the example of the ETH Spin-Off Swiss Timber Solutions AG.

Speaker's Bio

Robert Jockwer is Senior Scientist at the Institute for Structural Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He studied Civil Engineering at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany and continued with his PhD studies at the chair of timber structures at ETH. He is an expert in the fields of fracture mechanics and reinforcement of timber structures and is involved in the European standardization for timber structures. Since beginning of 2016 Dr. Jockwer is involved in the engineering company Swiss Timber Solutions AG bringing newest technologies developed at ETH Zurich into practice.