PGR (PhD) Development Programme Workshop 1 - Taking ownership of your PhD


This PhD workshop aims to provide PhD candidates with an overview of doing a PhD, and the training content includes:

  • ‘Visualising your PhD’
  • ‘One minute introduction to your PhD topic’
  • ‘Project management of the PhD’,
  • ‘Formal requirements for the PhD’
  • ‘Learning during the PhD’
  • ‘Developing professional networks’
  • ‘Personal development/career planning’
  • ‘Your needs and expectations’


Dr Jiànmèi Xiè (Educational developer, AEC)

Target audience

  • This workshop is aimed at new PhD candidates (e.g., Year 1 PhDs);
  • Other PhD students are also welcome.


Academic Enhancement Centre (AEC)


[email protected]
Dr Jiànmèi Xiè
Educational developer (research), Lead of PGR (PhD) Research Development