Seminar: Huawei GILT Practice and Eight Capabilities of a Super Translator


The seminar starts with how Globalisation, Internationalisation, Localisation, Translation (GILT) business is conducted in Huawei, a glocal company. It then moves to elaborate on the eight capabilities the translators are required to have so as to fulfil their duties, given the significant role of translation in the GILT process. This seminar is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the field of translation and interpreting.


Francois Zhang

Speaker Bio

  • 2000-2016 Huawei
    • Chief engineer and principal translator
    • Director of the 2012 Labs, Nanjing Division
    • Senior Manager of Huawei Translation Services Center, Nanjing Section
    • Publications: The Huawei Manual of Style; The Guideline for GUI English; The Guideline for Terminology Management
  • 1983-2000 Jiangnan University
    • Director of the English Department
    • Principal interpreter
  • 2016 - to date
    • MTI Tutor for Nanjing University, Southeast University, NJUST, NUAA, NJNU, HHU, and Hubei University. His research interests cover GILT and management.