Seminar: Journey to the West: Bringing Chinese History and Culture to a General Western Audience



Stephen Koss
Independent scholar, author of the book “Beautiful Su: A Social and Cultural History of Suzhou, China”

Presenting broad-brush historical and cultural surveys of China to a Western, general readership audience poses particular challenges: compensating for a near-universal lack of background knowledge, locating relevant source materials, sifting relevant and attention-keeping story lines from centuries of gazetteered minutiae, minimizing confusion over unfamiliar and not-easily-separable names, and identifying opportunities to strengthen connections to people, places, and events with which the readers are more likely familiar.

In this lecture, Mr Koss will discuss and provide specific examples as to how he addressed each of these issues in researching and writing his introduction to the 2,500-year history and culture of Suzhou for an intended non-academic, native-English-speaking, general readership.

Join us for this very special seminar.