SoFTA Lecture Series: Music & Media in the 21st Century



Music & Media in the 21st Century: The Psychology, Theory, Politics, and Practical application in an ever evolving world of Technology and media


What role does music play in film and media production? How do producers, directors and composers work together to establish the right soundtrack? How does music transcend language and culture as an emotive function of storytelling in media products? And what are the challenges of music composition within not only the global media environment, but for China’s own media and film industries facing a rapidly changing technological landscape?

Drawing on examples of Deddy’s own professional work, this lecture will provide insights into each of these questions that are pertinent to the studies of media and cinema studies.

Speaker's Bio

Deddy Tzur is an award winning composer with almost 20 years of experience working in Los Angeles. He has composed, conducted and produced music for films, television shows, video games, concert halls and new media. His collective credits include: ‘The Golden compass’《黄金罗盘》, Transformers《变形金刚》, The Avengers 《复仇者联盟》, Digimon 《数码宝贝》, Pirates of the Caribbean《加勒比海盗》, Lost Planet《失落的星球》, The Bachelor 《单身汉》, Addams Family 《亚当斯一家》.

In recent years, Deddy has worked with a range of Chinese filmmakers and producers. He has already composed for five feature-length films: “Son of the Stars” 《星星的孩子》for renowned Shanghai director Chen Miao, “Together in Guangzhou” 《同行广州》& “Memoirs of Beijing” 《北京记忆》for CCTV leading director June Gu, “Hot Blood Band” 《热血男人帮》, a comedy feature starring the Chinese pop singer Chen Xiang, and “Impossible”《不可思异》, a Sci-Fi film featuring top film stars Wang Baoqiang, Da Peng and Xiao Shenyang.

Deddy is the Co-founder of China Product placement a unique Beijing based company that puts International brands in Chinese entertainment. He is also the Director of Development for the China Hollywood Society, a network of entertainment professionals who actively nurture opportunities for cross-cultural creative and business endeavors.