German architect Bruno Taut (1880–1938) realized the Hyuga Villa (Kyu Hyuga Bettei) in Atami in 1936, during a period of three years spent in Japan. The project embodies a deeply personal reflection on Japanese architecture, mediated through European sensibility. The result represents a unique example of cross-cultural breeding, which at the time stood at odds with mainstream Western modernism but also with traditional Japanese architectural language. The exhibition Bruno Taut’s Hyuga Villa in Atami, Japan displays detailed plans of Hyuga Villa, together with large-format photographs by architectural photographer Dave Clough. The symposium West of Japan/East of Europe discusses the history of the building in the larger context of the relations between Western and Eastern architectural cultures.

SYMPOSIUM: West of Japan/East of Europe

  • 2pm, Pierre-Alain Croset (XJTLU), Opening of the Symposium
  • 2:15pm, Paolo Scrivano (XJTLU), “Carrying architecture around the world: circulation, translation, adaptation”, Respondent: Yiping Dong (XJTLU)
  • 2:45pm, Marco Capitanio (Keio University, Tokyo), “Hyuga Villa: translation in architecture”, Respondent: Tordis Berstrand (XJTLU)
  • 3:15pm, Darko Radović (Keio University, Tokyo), “Living radical cultural difference, thinking about Taut’s efforts to enter Japan”, Respondent: Glen Wash (XJTLU)
  • 3:45pm, Dave Clough (Rockland ME, USA), “Photographing historic structures in Japan”, Respondent: Pierre-Alain Croset
  • 4:15pm, Puay-peng Ho (National University of Singapore), “Form and narrative: modernism and identity of Chinese architecture in early 20th century”, Respondent: Jiawen Han (XJTLU)
  • 4:45pm, Projection of: “Kengo Kuma in conversation with Darko Radović, Marco Capitanio, and Satoshi Sano on Bruno Taut and the Hyuga Villa in Atami” (approx. 26 minutes)

EXHIBITION: Bruno Taut’s Hyuga Villa in Atami, Japan

  • 5:30pm, Pierre-Alain Croset, Marco Capitanio, Darko Radović, Opening of the exhibition, Presented by XJTLU, Department of Architecture, Organised by Paolo Scrivano