Symposium on numerical methods for radiative hydrodynamics


Radiative hydrodynamics is one of fundamental subjects which is closely related to new energy, astrophysics, space engineering and many other applications of significance. It is one of the interdisciplinary research areas where humanity face the most significant and severe challenge. Numerical simulation for radiative hydrodynamics, in particular, under extremely physical conditions, is one of the most challenge scientific computing problems.

With the increasing complicated supercomputer architectures and the increasing complexity of the underlying problems, new methods are of great demand. Numerical radiative hydrodynamics is an area with abounded research opportunities which not only requires individual talent, consistent commitment, but also close collaboration. This symposium aims to provide a platform to share new findings and results timely, exchange ideas regularly, spot new problems, identify new research themes and promote collaborations between research institutes and Universities.

The symposium discusses all computing issues related to radiative hydrodynamics, and focus on (multi-group) radiative radiation and transfer problems. Topics will include but not limited to:

  • schemes for 3D problems
  • positive preserving algorithms,
  • physical property preserving algorithms
  • interface reconstructions, domain decomposition
  • parallel iterative methods, preconditioning and acceleration


Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics (IAPCM)
Mathematical Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Suzhou University
Department of Mathematics, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Scientific Committee

Advisory scientific committee

  • Guangwei Yuan, IAPCM
  • Xingping Liu, IAPCM
  • Xingye Yue, Suzhou University
  • Xionghua Wu, XJTLU
  • Gang Liu, XJTLU


  • Yanzhong Yao, IAPCM
  • Xudeng Hang, IAPCM
  • Zhijun Shen, IAPCM
  • Tongxiang Gu, IAPCM
  • Lei Zhang, SJTU
  • Min Tang, SJTU
  • Jingrun Chen, SUDA

Local organisers

  • Fei Ma, XJTLU
  • Qiang Niu, XJTTU
  • Shengxin Zhu, XJTLU

Invited speakers

  • Professor Guangwei Yuan, IAPCM
  • Professor Xingping Liu, IAPCM
  • Professor Xudeng Hang, IAPCM
  • Professor Yanzhong Yao, IAPCM
  • Professor Guixia Lv, IAPCM
  • Professor Zhihuan Dai, IAPCM
  • Professor Zhiqiang Sheng, IAPCM
  • Professor Shuai Wang, IAPCM
  • Professor Xiaying Dai, CAS
  • Professor Min Tang, SJTU
  • Professor Lei Zhang, SJTU
  • Professor Qiang Niu, XJTLU
  • Professor Steven Shaw, XJTLU