Architecture Department Lecture: Topology as Founding of Architecture



Laurent Salomon
Judith Rotbart & Laurent Salomon Architectural Workshop, Paris


Judith Rotbart & Laurent Salomon Architectural Workshop was founded by Laurent Salomon in 1988 in Savoy, and then moved to Paris 1990. Partnering with Judith Rotbart since the year 2000, they work together and both of them are also Professors. They carefully developed a patient research about the conditions of perpetuating the modern thinking in the contemporary world.

In Architecture, the 20th century has been dominated by the typological research to achieve its registration into the social role which it claimed. The gradual disappearance of public policies in this field and the dominant privatization of architectural production put that discipline into a dilemma: returning to an inscription of the Architecture to the registry of the "fine arts", (ie the Beaux Arts system) or searching other directions of exploration.

Judith Rotbart & Laurent Salomon work intends to demonstrate that the modern nature of architecture is migrating from typological research which have structured it into a topological one, purposely featuring a crisis of the contemporary society's ability to develop the story of its future.

They have been often invited to participate in many events such as the Architectural Biennale in Venice in 1996, Architectural Biennale in Quito in 2003, Architectural Biennale in Cartagena in 2008, Limapolis in 2012, Architectural Biennale in Shanghai in 2015.