Lecture: International News Trans-editing in Practice


The lecture focuses on the importance of international news transediting, news transeditting for the printed media, and a brief demonstration of the workflow of China Radio International (CRI) TV news transediting. Drawing on personal experience, the lecture discusses the limitations of international news transediting. The lecture also intends to introduce some professional reflections from mastering transediting skills to becoming an international journalist. For interested students, especially MA media translation and journalism students, this lecture will provide valuable industry insights with a personal touch.


  • Part I: 14:30-16:30, November 6 (Monday), 2017
  • Part II: 14:30-17:30, November 7 (Tuesday), 2017


Arron Hsiu

Speaker Bio

Arron Hsiu is currently the Managing Editor of Global News Editor at China Radio International (CRI). He also contributes to news writing for 21 Century Business Review and China Newsweekly. He has extensive experience in global news editing, reporting and transediting for TV news programs and the printed media. Over years of experience, he has independently gathered information and transedited for many major international events such as the UK Election, Eurozone debt crisis, and Scottish Referendum.