Opening of the XJTLU Materials Library



  • 6-7PM, Opening speech
  • 7-9PM, Opening party with guided tours of the Library


XJTLU Materials Library opens its doors on Monday 20 November at the Ground Floor of the Design Building, which is part of XJTLU South Campus. The library is a collaborative project between the departments of Industrial Design and Architecture, and is based on an initial concept of Pierre-Alain Croset and Ruggero Canova.

The mission of the Materials Library is to create a direct connection between materiality of the built environment and design procedures adopted in higher education. In a cultural environment with a predominance of “digitally native” students, the accessibility to different constructions and design materials aims to strengthen the relations between design concept and physical implementation, where technical properties can also be read and understood as the expression of functions and emotions.

Equally important, the Materials Library can act as a networking platform for materials producers, manufacturing companies, design and architecture firms, as well as academic research, teaching and learning.

The scientific project was developed by Ruggero Canova and Christian Gaenshirt with a five-year-long international conversation with materials libraries distributed in different parts of the globe, such as: Materió Paris, Rematerialise at Kingston University, Central Saint Martin Materials Library, Institute of Making at UCL, MatTo at Politecnico di Torino, Neuni Materio Shanghai. As a part of this cross-fertilization process, a permanent partnership and research program has been established with Materioteca Milano and its founder Diana Castiglione, who is a member of the scientific committee of XJTLU Materials Library.

With a 300 square-meter space in the heart of the Design Building, and surrounded by the workshops and advanced manufacturing labs, the Materials Library supports a strategy where research by doing and learning by doing in Design and Architecture are strictly entangled.

In occasion of the launch event, an installation of the architect and artist Caterina Tiazzoldi will be hosted in the Materials Library. This artwork explores the spatial performance of a flexible and deformable material, such as medical-grade PVC rubber, as a space articulator to transform the user behaviors in the space.