Exhibition: Re-Making Architecture



Re-Making Architecture
An exhibition with multi-media installations from the Year 2 students of the Master of Architectural Design

Exhibition Time

  • 11 (Monday) - 15 (Friday) December, 9am-5pm


The Master of Architectural Design Year 2 module Practice Based Enquiry and Architectural Representation introduces advanced practice-based methodologies to address design tasks critically and creatively. Through a series of exercises in re-making and in the translation of Architecture into a range of different media, the students reframe questions of space and place, and engage with Western and Eastern art practices as a form of critical enquiry into architectural practices of presentation and representation.

The students’ multi-media installations are on display from December 11 to 15, 2017, in the Design Building’s workshop area on the ground floor. The exhibition is open on each of these days from 9am to 5pm.

  • Bo Ma
    Delight > Education
  • Chitraj Bissoonauth
    House VI
  • Jiayi Li
    The next Hutong
  • Jing Xiang Tan
  • Liuyi Chen
    Cinematic Life
  • Ornella Leung Kei
    The Sensory Experience
  • Siqi Deng
    境界 Mirror. Boundary
  • Wenwen Li
    Combinatory Space Puzzle