XJTLU Museum “W·E Musicale” Event I: Piano Live:From Ancient to Modern Times


XJTLU Museum has been launching a new brand event called “W•E” (short for Wisdom & Exploration) in X Bar. Besides “W•E Talks”, “W•E Musicale” is another new series event which is oragnised by XJTLU Museum and Art Association. Students supervised by Art Association are invited to perform different kinds of music for XJTLU students and teachers regularly. Here comes the first “W·E Musicale” Event: From Ancient to Modern Times. Keyboard Troupe of Art Association will provide a feast for the ears of any music lovers. We believe that when the Classical Piano Music encounter Modern Piano Music, unprecedented inspiration can be freed. You are warmly welcomed to join in this piano live at 18:00 pm on 13th December in X Bar.

Event Details

  • Time: 18:00- 19:00, Wednesday, 13th December 2017
  • Venue: X Bar (Central lake in the South Campus, above the Life&Hope Canteen)
  • Register: send “X Bar + Name + contact number” to [email protected] or click on "REGISTER"


Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Piano Sonata No.1 - Performed by ZHOU Zhi
  • Beethoven Seventh Piano Sonata - Performed by ZHAO Can
  • Piano Sonata No.3 - Performed by ZHOU Zhi

Animenz’s Animation Song

  • βίος - Performed by NI Tao
  • Snow Halation - Performed by YUAN Yizixuan
  • Everyday World - Performed by LIU Mingxi
  • This Game - Performed by NI Tao
  • Brave Heart - Performed by LIU Mingxi
  • Fubuki - Performed by YANG Ziwei