Department of Chemistry Seminar: Presentations by PhD Students


Seminar 1

Organic Modification of Trititanate Nanotubes for Increasing Photoactivity
Speaker: Ruochen Liu

Photocatalyst is a kind of catalyst that takes effect under light, and can be used for water splitting and organic pollutants degradation. TiO2 is a widely used photocatalyst, however, its band gap is too large (~3.2 eV), so it can only absorb UV light. In this research project, we have prepared and investigated TiNT modified by some other organic molecules, including 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, 4-nitrocatechol, and 3-hydroxytyrosol. The molecules are expected to link gold nanoparticles to TiNT and improve photoactivity of the nanocomposite dramatically.

Seminar 2

Spiro-Based Organic n-type Semiconductors
Speaker: Xiaochen Liu

Solar energy, as a promising energy source, has attracted great interests, due to the advantage of low cost, less pollution and abundant distribution. Photovoltaics uses solar cell as intermediate to convert sunlight to electricity. Organic semiconductors normally exhibits a lower power conversion efficiency (< 15 %) compared to inorganic solar cells. Their tunable frameworks along with variable molecular packing patterns significantly impact on device performance. Thus we set out to develop organic n-type semiconductors with 3D-sprio structures. We expect that the new molecular semiconductors can improve the efficiency of solar cells and provide an expanded vision for further development of material candidates.