In Conversation with actress: Augusta Xu-Holland


How can a foreign actor enter and operate in the Chinese film industry? What kinds of roles are there for foreign actors and how are these changing? What are some challenges and advantages of being a foreign actor in China? How is the infrastructure and maturity of the Chinese and western industries different? What are some ideas for foreign actors and the Chinese film industry to overcome language and cultural barriers?

To shed insight into these questions, Augusta Xu-Holland will draw on the personal experiences as an actress working in the Chinese film and television industry. Augusta will share high and low points in her career, and provide insight into what she is working on now.

Guest Speaker

Augusta is a half Chinese actress and green energy enthusiast from New Zealand. She currently lives in Beijing where she broke into the Chinese and Hollywood film industries, co-starring in On Wings of Eagles (2016) 《终极胜利》with Shawn Dou and Joseph Fiennes. Her more works include a major role in award-winning director Mao Weining's television drama Frontier of Love (2018) 《爱情的边疆》and as the lead actress in sci-fi action feature Meta Area (2018). Augusta is currently filming director, Guan Hu's (管虎), much anticipated 《800》 (2019) in Suzhou.


This In Conversation event will be moderated by Jade Diep, CEO of China Product Placement and Co-Founder and Program Director of A TALK, a professional development platform for Asian and global filmmakers.