Industrial Lecture Series: Design and Construction of the Jinji Lake Tunnel



A brief review will be given on some common construction and design methods for underground projects, followed by the case study of the Jinji Lake Tunnel project (middle part).

The scheme design process of the project will be introduced, with a focus on the following two parts:

  • How the Jinji Lake Tunnel (middle part) will be constructed together with the Metro Line 6?
  • Why the cut and cover method is preferred for this construction project?

Welcome to this guest lecture.



The Speaker

Mr. Xuezhao Zhan

Mr. Xuezhao Zhan is a senior engineer and the deputy director of the Division of the Underground Structures in the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute. He has 15 years of working experiences in underground projects, including design, consultancy, research, management, etc., related to tunnel engineering, rail engineering, ground excavation engineering and multi-purpose utility tunnels.