The Sixth Self-Management Forum and AY 2017-18 CCT007 Self-management Micro Course Award Ceremony



Nowadays self-management skill is one of the most essential capabilities of college students. Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University set up Self-management course to systematically educate students about self-management methods and techniques. Micro Course in Self-management course is themed at self-management related aspects and is presented as 3 minutes’ videos shot by students. It is aimed at practicing the five-star educational mode and the three transition theory of XJTLU, promoting students’ development and also help students transmit what they learnt in lecture to practical techniques. Students can therefore reflect on and check what they’ve done in their daily life and normal study. Through the spread of these 3 minutes’ short videos, more and more audience get to know the brand new image of modern college students.

The Sixth Self-Management Forum “AY 2017-18 CCT007 Self-management Micro Course Award Ceremony” is the periodic conclusion and review of AY 2017-18 CCT007 Self-management Micro Course program. It shows the acknowledgement and encouragement of students’ effort into the Self-management course study and MC program. In addition, this ceremony is a new start and expectation of the future MC program.