XJTLU-JC SoFTA Lecture Series: Ecocinema: the emergence of a new sub-discipline in film studies


The Lecture

The last decade has seen the emergence of a nw sub-discipline in cinema studies, ecocinema. In this presentation, Dr Gareth Stanton, will trace the emergence of ecocinema as it arises from the general humanities turn to environmental concerns, and plot its relationship to other emergent humanities areas such as ecomedia and, even, postcolonial ecocriticism. Using specific examples he will test the efficacy of such developments and see how the general ‘plantetary’ concerns of environmental activism meet up in specific regional contexts and how specific local issues impact on the transnational global concerns implicit in ecocinema as we look to the future.


Dr Gareth Stanton

Department of Media and Communications
Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Gareth Stanton has been teaching media and cinema at Goldsmiths, University of London, for almost thirty years. He has a background in anthropology and has conducted fieldwork in North Africa and Southern Europe. His work has been an interrogation of the interface of anthropology of the media, cultural studies and media theory. His recent research has been looking at developments in the environmental humanities. He is currently writing a book, Media, Culture and the Environmental Turn, on these themes for publisher Rowman and Littlefield.