Mathematical Science Seminar: a talk on the development of geometry



Prof. Xiaohuan Mo, Peking University

Xiaohuan Mo, Professor of the School of Mathematical Science in Peking University, a renowned expert in Finsler geometry. Long-term research and teaching work in geometry. The main research interests are Riemann-Finsler geometry and geometric variation, and more than 100 academic papers have been published. His research project "Geometry and harmonic mapping of Finsler manifold" was awarded the first prize of National Natural Science nominated by Ministry of Education in 2002. The course Geometry was awarded the 2007 National Excellent course. He was also awarded the second Prize of National Teaching achievement in 2009. He has been invited to visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology in America (MIT), Max Planck Institute for mathematics in Germany (MPI), Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in France (IHES), International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy (ICTP) and other world-renowned research institutions.




We introduce the history of geometry, especially our memory of geometric master Shiing Shen Chern and the Finsler geometry he advocated.