Department of English Research Seminar: On Machine Translation



In recent years, great progress has been made in machine translation. As its quality continues to improve, it has been directly put into use in certain areas. At the same time, the productivity of computer-assisted translation (CAT) has reached a bottleneck. Therefore, it is of great theoretical significance and application value to research how to combine machine translation and CAT to further improve the efficiency of human translation as an effort to promote the application of machine translation technology in some professional fields. The lecture mainly includes the following three aspects:

  • What is machine translation?
  • How to evaluate the role of machine translation in the process of human translation?
  • In what ways can machine translation help human translation?

Finally, it summarizes the key problems encountered in developing human-machine interactive machine translation system and their countermeasures.


Dr Huang Guoping
Senior Research Fellow, Tencent AI Lab

Dr Huang graduated from The National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include machine translation, natural language processing and human-machine interactive machine translation.