XJTLU SoFTA Lecture Series: women journalists in Chinese media


The Lecture

In accordance with the global trend of women’s employment in journalism, China has witnessed an unprecedented increase in women’s participation in the news profession over the last three decades. However, while accounting for nearly half of the overall labor force in journalism, women still tend to occupy roles with lower pay and less power. Against this background, this talk will map the general situation of women’s employment in Chinese media and provide an insight into the obstacles to Chinese women journalists’ career advancements, and possibilities to remove such obstacles. Some observations of current development of women’s employment in journalism in the digital environment will be made.


Professor Haiyan Wang

School of Communication and Design, Sen Yat-sen University

Haiyan Wang is Associate Professor at School of Communication and Design in Sen Yat-sen University, China. Her Ph.D. was from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining academia, Haiyan was an investigative journalist at the Southern Metropolitan Daily in Guangzhou. She has also been a journalist fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford, an Endeavor research fellow at Department of Gender and Cultural Studies in University of Sydney, and a SUSI fellow at Scripps school of journalism at Ohio University, U.S.. She has published a book (The Transformation of Investigative Journalists in China: From Journalism to Activism. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books) and around 30 research articles, appearing in leading academic journals such as Media, Culture and Society, Journalism, Journal of Communication,International Journal of Communication, Asian Journalism of Communication.