Workshop on Green Low Carbon Lifestyle


Low carbn as the development direction, energy saving and emission reduction as the development mode, and carbon neutral technology as the development method, the green economic development mode is widely spread all around the whole world.Under the requirements of implementing low carbon production and realizing the sustainable production mode, the age calls for the scientific outlook on development and the green economy, and the practice of sustainable consumption and green lifestyle has become the demand of the age.The green consumption view of family is to advocate the consumer to engage in scientific and reasonable consumption on the basis of coordinated development with nature, to promote healthy and moderate consumption psychology, to carry forward noble consumer morality and behavior norms, and to change the mode of production to lead to major changes in production mode by changing the mode of consumption, and then promote the adjustment of the industrial economic structure and the development of ecological industry. Green life is a quiet change, involving everyone in every family. Families in the new era are committed to pursuing the living environment and physical and mental health of a green environment. People need to adjust their life value, develop green consumption habits, start from small things such as clothing, food, live, travel, and other daily life with the concept of low carbon green life.

Workshop details

  • Topic: Sustainable Consumption and Green Lifestyle in Family Practice
  • Organiser: XJTLU Suzhou Urban and Environment Research Institute


Ms Huan Ni
Graduated from Cambridge University (under UK Government’s Chevening Scholarship), Ms Ni has 18 years of experience in developing and managing international projects with multi-national corporations, international organizations and Chinese governmental agencies. Apart from having been professional project managers and fund-raising managers, she is also a communications expert in managing government relations and corporate relations.